Tea Total

Issue: In the 40+ demographic group, not drinking is often stigmatized and can lead to feelings of exclusion or judgment at celebrations and events due to social expectations and the widespread acceptance of drinking.

Solution:  The phrase ‘teetotal’ refers to a lifestyle that advocates for total abstinence from alcohol. Excited to present Tea Total, a non-alcoholic, tea-infused ‘champagne’ with 0% alcohol & 0% stigma.

Tea Total celebrates sobriety and provides a non-alcoholic alternative for those who choose to live a ‘teetotal’ lifestyle or who want to reduce their alcohol consumption.

Celebration of Sobriety

Visual cues from party poppers and tea bags create a fun, celebratory look and feel.

Outcomes: Logo and visual branding for Tea Total.

Tea-infused ‘champagne bottle with collar wrap, in-bar advertisement poster, embossed champagne flutes, delivery boxes and tape.

Year 3 Graphic Communications

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