Issue: “Women's voices are often suppressed by policies, laws and implicitly by social attitudes, cultural norms and patriarchal values”

-Khan, UN Human Rights, 2021.

Solution:  Volume Hairdressers empower individuals to let their hair be heard at volume as a medium of self-expression.

Making a LOUD statement using hair as a medium of self-expression.

Taking cues from the semiotics of flyposting in activism, VOLUME's visual identity seamlessly merges the empowerment of hairdressing, utilizing bold imagery and impactful copywriting to champion our core message.

Outcomes: Visual Identity, User Experience and Advertisement for feminist activist hairdressers, VOLUME.

Exterior, interior, in-store posters, cosmetics products, flyposted advertisements, social media content, app concept, loyalty cards, open/closed signage.

Year 3 Graphic Communications

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